Welcome to SmartDogs!

Welcome to SmartDogs!

If you are looking for a Professional Pet Dog Trainer, Dog Agility Classes, Puppy training or help with Behavioural problems – Help is at hand at SmartDogs!

We can offer you and your canine companion fully qualified instruction as well as personal friendly service. Please browse our website for information on our dog training and dog grooming services, as well as articles, recommended dog books and dog training equipment, and information on bach natural flower remedies for dogs. We hope you enjoy your visit!

SmartDogs Ethos

Our companion animals deserve to be treated at all times with kindness and respect.
Only positive, reward based, reinforcement methods should be used when teaching our dogs. Methods utilising play, motivation and reward results in not only successful training, but also develops a mutually enjoyable relationship and lasting bond with our canine friends.

A Dog’s Guide to Humans

Written by dogs, for dogs.
A lighthearted look at the human species from a dog’s point of view. Bob the Westie shares some tips and tricks on how to get the best out of human beings, and imparts some of his wisdom on manipulation techniques, activities to curb boredom, how to exercise your human and more…