Agility Classes

Pre-Agility Classes

All dogs and handlers wishing to progress to Beginners Agility must complete the pre-agility class first.These classes are suitable for dogs of any age and are designed to teach important foundation skills for agility training:-
Directional Handling skills
Target Training
Teaching Balance
Hind Leg Awareness
Developing essential Muscle Groups
And More
Pre-Agility Classes

 Beginners Agility Classes

Only available after completing pre-agility classes.
These classes are only available to mature dogs. Age Requirements:-
Small/Medium breeds -12 months Large/Giant breeds – 18 months

High Jumps
Long Jumps
A Frame
Dog Walk
See Saw
Tyre Jump
Course Navigation
Directional Handling


Unfortunately due to other committments Smartdogs are not currently running agility classes